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Alto Garda is a sports lover’s paradise. As Lake Garda creates a Mediterranean-like climate, many activities are enjoyed year round. Its refreshing waters are perfect for swimmers and for those enthusiastic about canyoning. The consistent wind feeds windsurfers, kitesurfers and sailors. Its mountains are a playground for mountain bikers, climbers and hikers in the warm seasons, while the cooler months attract skiers and snowshoers. Your family will enjoy everything the area has to offer, especially the breathtaking panaromas.  

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Rent your E-Bike directly at the Residence and choose from multiple itineraries throughout the Lake Garda area, a paradise suited for adults and children. 

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Mountain Bike

Lake Garda Trentino and the electric mountain bike are the perfect match. Lake Garda Trentino provides the two-wheel lovers with tons of perfect itineraries to live with the wind in the hair and the sun in front of you. From above, Lake Garda Trentino gives off its best outline, and reaching a peak with as little effort as possible allows to enjoy a whole day without fatigue.

Road bike

Live the North Lake Garda region on two wheels 


Climbing in the North Lake Garda region

The crags in Outdoor Park Garda Trentino offer the highest standard of safety compatible with the discipline of outdoor sports climbing on terrain accessible to climbers with experience of artificial walls who want to discover the thrill and satisfaction of climbing in natural surroundings.

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Hiking around Lake Garda

Around North Lake Garda you will find countless trails to explore the mountains. Dramatic terrain and over 5000km of well-maintained paths make both the Brenta Dolomites and Lake Garda areas spectacular hiking destinations. Any hike you choose to take in this region will doubtless provide spectacular views, whether gazing out across the waters of a scenic lake or feeling awestruck by the rocky pinnacles of the Dolomites towering above you.

Windsurfing in North Lake Garda

Driven by the Ora or the Pelèr, windsurfing in Garda Trentino is good for beginners and experts alike. Riva del Garda, but above all Torbole sul Garda, are the most famous locations for “riding down the wind”, also thanks to the quality services available: schools and equipment hire of the highest quality, letting you have fun in total safety. For years, these areas have played host to important international events which attract surfers from all over Europe.

Sailing on Lake Garda

The winds that blow in on North Lake Garda regular make every day the perfect day for a trip out in a boat or. The waves, never overly large, are suited to both experts and beginners. Lake Garda is renowned as one of the best Italian regatta locations, and is as good as any of the great international circuits. Great attention is paid to safety, which is assured by an efficient rescue service. 


Do you need powerful emotions? If so, Garda Trentino is perfect for you: throw yourself headfirst into the torrents which descend from the mountains towards the lake. Do it, but together with a guide from the canyoning centres, which organize daily trips during the nice season. The routes are only known to few people because the guides are possessive over them! Put on a wetsuit, a helmet and a harness, and brave the fast Trentino torrents which are immersed within the woods, flowing between rocks to meet small lakes unknown even to those who live here.sind.


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